The point mall has managed to maintain a steady business even in the face of the corona crisis. The person who has been watching this business since its inception almost 10 years ago is Mami Tamura, who I will introduce here. Tamura joined EDOCODE as the first employee of Wano…

Atsushi Kato, the CTO of EDOCODE

My name is Kyo Yamada and I am an executive director at EDOCODE Inc. in charge of organizational development. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our CTO, Atsushi Kato, who also happens to be an engineer that I look up to and admire.

Kato is, for better…

Takamasa Tamura, the CEO of EDOCODE

EDOCODE is an entity involved in the operation of point mall businesses, system development and other independent business lines. It is a part of the Wano group which largely focuses on entertainment-related business operations. EDOCODE was spun off from the Wano group and at the helm stands Takamasa Tamura. …

Reiko Tsuzuki

Public Relations at EDOCODE Inc.

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